Absolute security. Zero vulnerabilities. Period.
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Trusted globally
by governments, enterprises & individuals as their "safe place for communications".

Communicate worldwide in utter confidence. Remember, if you’re communicating with clients and colleagues from popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal, you are jeopardising their privacy.
From military departments through to senior politicians, don’t compromise mission-critical and confidential conversations by communicating through any other means other than the Sotera SecurePhone.
Whether you’re a VIP, a celebrity, or anyone else requiring complete peace of mind that your conversations aren’t being intercepted, the Sotera SecurePhone should be your go-to device.
Provide your clients with a Sotera SecurePhone and protect their privacy through ‘liability-free’ communication whilst enjoying a new revenue stream and a competitive edge.

Security isn't an accessory, and privacy shouldn't be a luxury.

The Sotera SecurePhone uses the same operating system that secures the United States nuclear arsenal, multiple military weapon systems, and NASA/DOD space systems.

The Sotera SecurePhone is the world's most secure device. Don't just take our word for it...

Think WhatsApp and Signal are 100% risk-free from hacking and interception?
Think again.

Despite their popularity, even the most trusted messaging apps and smartphones aren’t immune to sophisticated threats like Pegasus, a relentless mobile spyware that evolves to evade encryption. Pegasus can quietly breach both iOS and Android systems, granting unfettered access to every corner of your device, from sensitive conversations on WhatsApp and Signal to your precise location and camera roll. Once it infiltrates your device, this insidious malware operates seamlessly, granting attackers access to not only current but also deleted data.

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Until now, no phone or messaging app has offered 100% privacy and security. Apple’s iOS and Android operating systems have failed their users more than once. And so-called "end-to-end encryption’" messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram put their users’ security and privacy at risk because, while they might be secure in their own right, these apps are used on hardware and software that’s not. If your phone’s hardware or software is hacked, then so are your apps.

Did we say "UNTIL NOW"? Yes!

Cue, the Sotera SecurePhone.

We unreservedly stand by our claim that the Sotera SecurePhone is 100% secure.

Not 99.9%; 100% secure.

Who uses the Sotera SecurePhone?

Sotera is trusted when risk of compromised security & privacy is a concern at best, and catastrophic at worst.

Our users include:

Corporations with international clients

Partners at law firms

Government officials

Businesses with satellite offices stationed globally

Organizations with highly valuable and secretive Intellectual Property

such as pharmaceutical and tech businesses

Executives and C-suites at multinationals

Military and defense personnel

Celebrities, royalty and VVIPs

Media spokespeople and PR people

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Because the Sotera SecurePhone uses the same operating system that protects the US nuclear arsenal, military weapon systems, commercial airliners and NASA/DOD systems.

Read that again.

Because that’s really all you need to know to be convinced.

If you’re still reading however, then continue to be impressed…

The Sotera SecurePhone has been designed to secure and safeguard all three facets of a mobile phone; the hardware, the software, and the apps that sit on your software.
And the Sotera SecurePhone is the only phone that 100% safeguards all three layers.

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